At ReStore, we re-use, re-create and ReStore by designing products of higher value than it’s original. The only thing we scrap off, is the original identity of the product as we breathe new life into old items and make it a happy ending for the environment. We’re not just a consumer brand but a brand on a mission: To also save the consumer's environment. All the materials used to create ReStore products at one time were headed to the landfill, or worse. We intercept and utilize these excess materials, transforming them into new, useful products — a process known as upcycling.



ReUse | ReCreate | ReStore

Choosing to support Upcycled goods over products made using virgin materials will help save the depletion of resources (Global rate of depletion 45% every year) and carbon emissions...


‘We for you’ is a one of a kind interior customisation service that allows owners to co-create their space with our experts. The team will pay a visit to your space and get an insight into your taste and preferences so we can alter the design, size and finish of our products to suit your space and budgets. We work with Mumbai’s top craftsmen, who are armed with the best upcycling skills and interior technicalities, saving you the cost of mere interior designers to deliver your stunningly beautiful home. We take pride in combining luxury with utility, durability and environmental friendliness. #ReStoreIdeas